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Intensive training classes leading to Oracle certification

Oracle is one of the leading providers of database management systems to the enterprise market and Oracle technology runs many of the largest websites on the Internet. If you are considering database training or Oracle certification, you'll find our intensive hands-on classes to be a great source of achieving the knowledge level necessary to achieve DBA certification.

For full details of our Oracle training classes, please select from this list or choose from the drop-down menu on the left:

Our 11g Training Courses.

Oracle 11g Associate [5 days]

Oracle 11g Professional [5 days]

Our 10g Training Courses.

Oracle 10g Associate [5 days]

Oracle 10g Professional [5 days]

Our 9i/8i Training Courses.

Oracle SQL*Plus Class [3 days]

Oracle PL/SQL Class [2 days]

Oracle DBA Class [5 days]

Oracle DBA FastTrack [3 days]

Oracle Backup / Recovery [3 days]

Oracle FastTrack Performance Tuning [3 days]

Oracle Networking [2 days]

Oracle New Features for DBA's (Release 2) [5 days]

Certification news. With effect from September 1, 2002, you must attend an Oracle certified training class to be eligible to receive certification. In addition, Oracle Corporation has added additional scenario-based testing on all exams and a new hands-on Masters Practicum exam for the Oracle Certified Master qualification.

For the latest information on Oracle certification, please check Oracle's certification page.

What you need to know.

  •  Candidates who had already taken at least one exam in the 9i DBA track prior to September 1st, 2002 are not required to meet the new instructor-led course requirement.
  •  If you are already certified in the DBA track at version 7.3, 8.0 or 8i, you are not required to meet the instructor-led course requirement to upgrade your credential to 9i.
  •  All new Oracle9i DBA Certified Professional candidates who begin taking exams after September 1st will not be certified until completing both the exam requirements and attending one instructor-led course.

Since our classes are NOT certified by Oracle Corporation, you may need to enquire further with Oracle regarding the route to certification if you are intending to study towards that goal. Please contact us for further information if required.

Oracle Links. Below is a list of useful links to Oracle related information. If you have other links that you've found helpful, please let us know.

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