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Oracle FastTrack Administration

Duration: 3-5 days Level: Accelerated

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Class Summary

This accelerated course will teach students the fundamental skills required to manage Oracle databases. Students will learn database administration skills by setting up, configuring, and managing their own Oracle9i server. By the end of the class, each student will have gone through the main tasks necessary to manage Oracle9i databases. New Oracle9i features such as the locally-managed tablespaces, partitioned tables, global and local indexes and index-organized tables, will be covered.

The class consists of a mixture of lecture and hands on lab exercises.

Who Should Attend

This class is intended for experienced Oracle database users taking responsibility for managing an Oracle9i database.


Some knowledge of relational database concepts and SQL principles is useful. Our Oracle SQLPlus and PL/SQL classes are suitable.


  • Oracle Overview: Administrator roles and tasks; memory, process and disk structure; managing an instance; storage structures; backup and recovery; SQL & database tuning; network resource management
  • Oracle Architecture: Disk structure; parameter files; control files; data files; redo log files; password file; logical and physical structures; segments; extents; blocks; memory structures; shared pool; buffer cache; redo log buffer; processes; user and shadow processes; database writer; log writer; system monitor; process monitor; archiver; processing a query; processing an update; processing a transaction
  • Creating a Database: Operating system configuration; privileged account authentication; preparing a parameter file; instance processing overview; database creation steps; database creation command; post creation activities; data dictionary overview
  • Starting and Stopping Oracle: Instance processing overview; startup command; startup stages; shutdown command; shutdown command options; confirming instance status; alert log and examples; trace files and examples
  • Tablespaces and Datafiles: Logical and physical structures; tablespaces; system tablespace; non-system tablespaces; inside a tablespace; tablespace types; datafiles; tablespace management; datafile management; dictionary views; segments; extents; blocks; dictionary views; rollback segments; rollback segment operation; dictionary views
  • Tables and Indexes: Tables; data types; creating tables; table storage; managing tables; table block usage; partitioned tables; indexes; index types; index storage; managing indexes; dictionary views
  • User and Resource Management: User accounts; profiles; password limits; system resource limits; profile management; authentication mechanisms; tablespace settings; privileges; roles; creating a new user; user management; roles and users
  • Backup and Recovery Overview: Recovery structures; recovery features; redo log buffer; LGWR process; redo logs; dictionary tables; ARCH process; control files; CKPT process; data files; archiving setup; points of failure; logical backup utilities
  • Backup Procedures: Closed database backup; open database backup; control file backup; dictionary views
  • Recovery Procedures: Cold restore; hot restore; rename data file; complete recovery procedures; incomplete recovery procedures; recover control file; log file recovery; data dictionary
  • Tuning Fundamentals: Tuning priorities; tuning goals; tuning tools; applications and SQL; memory; shared pool; buffer cache; redo log buffer; disk; data files; log files; processes; operating system
  • Oracle Networking: Client server architecture; connection options; Net components; host naming connection; local naming connection; SQLNET.ORA; TNSNAMES.ORA; listener; LISTENER.ORA; listener control – LSNRCTL; listener management; name server; two-task architecture; multi-threaded server; connection manager

Sample notes

Networking Overview - Lesson 12 (PDF Format - 327k)

Suggested next class

None - please contact us for workshop information.



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