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Oracle Backup and Recovery

Duration: 3 days Level: Advanced

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Class Summary

The Oracle Backup and Recovery class describes and demonstrates the principles of securing information within an Oracle database, using the provided backup and recovery tools. Extensive hands-on lab exercises are used to allow delegates to experience the potential failure points and the associated recovery actions required to safeguard this valuable resource.

Who Should Attend

This class is intended for technical users of the Oracle database system who are responsible for ensuring data safety and integrity.


Experience with the role of an Oracle Database Administrator, including practical expertise in using SQL and PL/SQL.


  • Oracle Database Architecture Review: Reviewing disk, memory and process architecture for backup purposes.

  • Backup and Recovery Structures: Archive logging, log destinations, standby databases (Oracle9i)

  • Cold Backup Mechanisms: Backing up datafiles and tablespaces, control files, safeguarding archive logs, parameter files, password files.

  • Hot Backup Mechanisms: Selective backup for datafiles and tablespaces, advantages and disadvantages for hot v. cold backups, requirements and good practice for hot backup databases.

  • Recovery with No Data Loss: Complete recovery of entire database, requirements and procedures for performing and checking a hot, partial recovery.

  • Recovery from Media Failure: Dealing with user or media errors, incomplete backup requirements, performing an incomplete recovery.

  • Using Recovery Manager (8i/9i): RMAN setup (8i and 9i), RMAN command language, initialising and performing backups for datafiles, control files, archive logs, checking backup history, setting a backup policy, reporting on backup status.

Sample notes

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