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Skills Summary

Training consultant since 1992, teaching Oracle Developer products (PL/SQL, 9i Developer Suite, SQL*Forms, SQL*Reports) and C++, C and UNIX. Mungo also provides consultancy services, with a full range of skills including VLSI design, dedicated microprocessor applications and knowledge based information systems.


Authorised SUN and Oracle instructor.

Career History

September 2003 Joined Jeremy Russell and Associates as an Training Consultant specialising in Oracle's application development tools.

August 2000

Freelance Training Consultant


1992 to 2000

itacs - University of Strathclyde - Senior Training Consultant

Presenting C and Unix courses; after being accredited to present both itacs’ courses Mungo then passed the respective tests to present both Sun and Digital’s offerings. He rewrote itacs’ courses for Unix and C, as well as authoring a course for C++ and became authorised by Oracle to present their courses at itacs.

Courses were presented both in the U.K.and Norway.

1987 to 1992

Deductive Systems - Software Engineer

Writing software in ‘C’ for a commercial knowledge-based system called “Generis”. During this time Mungo developed a Forms and Reports interface to Generis, as well as implementing an integrity layer on the product to help detect memory problems.

1982 to 1987

University of Strathclyde - Research Assistant

Researching Knowledged-Based Systems and developing a VLSI integrated circuit to speed operations on a database system.


Computer Science (Hons.) - University of Strathclyde [ 1982 ]

Languages and Operating Systems

Oracle : Forms, Reports, SQL, PL/SQL

All flavours of UNIX and Linux; C; C++; Java

Personal Details

Nationality - British

Mungo is married with a growing family (three boys, all Ice Hockey players!), born in 1988, 1990 and 1992.

His hobbies are DIY, badminton, guitar and electronics. Mungo has a clean driving license, and passed the Advanced Driving test in 1982.

As an amateur inventor, Mungo has applied for two provisional patents many years ago, and some of his electronic projects have been published in electronics magazines.




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