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Skills Summary

As a Freelance IT Trainer since 1994, Malcolm Kayser has been working in the IT industry since 1970 and in IT training since 1990. Malcolm specialises in Programming, Open Systems and IBM courses, capitalising on his many years experience in Operations, Applications and Training gained on a variety of platforms. With strong presentation and organisational skills, Malcolm has developed and enhanced many training courses. He has a proven competency in course delivery and is a very able communicator at all levels having delivered technical courses to both small and large classes of delegates.

Career History

From Dec 2003 Joined Jeremy Russell and Associates to continue development and delivery of UNIX, Linux and IBM mainframe courses. Malcolm is responsible for delivering a wide range of IBM classes, including MVS, OS/390, TSO/ISPF and VSAM. He also creates and presents "Open Systems" classes for subjects including UNIX/Linux, Shell Programming and Administration.

1994 - 2003

Senior Training Consultant, Malcolm Kayser Computer Training LLC.

  •  Developed and presented tailored UNIX Introduction, Shell Scripting and Basic Administration training courses.
  •  Developed and presented a number of Graduate training programmes, and recently taught Java part-time at a local college as part of an NVQ course.
  •  Presented 'C' programming course in the USA.
  •  Taught TSO/ISPF, JCL, VSAM, JSP, 'C' and COBOL to Computer Science undergraduates as part of an IBM sponsored degree course in Portsmouth.
  •  Developed and presented programming courses running on an IBM RS/6000 under AIX, and on an ICL DRS/6000 under UNIX.
  •  Presented a six-week ICL-3900 COBOL course and project in Washington, Sunderland, for ‘The Training Partnership’.
  •  Presented a 10-day IBM skills programme in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to twenty delegates.
  •  Presented a COBOL programming course in Bratislava, Slovakia, to nineteen delegates.
  •  Presented JSP and COBOL to IBM clients at IBM Education Centre, Dublin.
  •  Managed a large development team of programmers in the successful implementation of an EPOS in-store computer system.
  •  Managed teams of programmers, of varying degrees of experience and competence, writing batch, IMS, DB2 and CICS programs for mainframe and mid-range platforms.
  •  A key member of a team involved in User Implementation Training projects. Worked on-site to become familiar with the system and developed training courses that was subsequently presented around the country.
1990 - 1994

Consultant Lecturer; Hoskyns Group PLC

  • Delivered IBM, Database and Open Systems technical courses at various locations and on different hardware platforms.
  • Responsibility for the designing, development and enhancement of a number of courses
  • Enhanced a Structured Programming course with Hoskyns' Systems Development Workbench (SDW) and Jackson Structured Programming module
  • Involved in client meetings, offering pre?sales consultancy, and technical support and advice to Client Managers.
  • Responsibility for the development and delivery of IBM technical training courses to Hoskyns' graduates, and to graduate intakes for external clients, which covered a number of weeks of intensive training

1970 to 1990

Senior Technical Support Operations Analyst, Tesco Stores LLC.

Wide range of support and development duties involved with X.25 packet switch networks.


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