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Our Java training program provides a structured and comprehensive path to learning the practical use of Java for creating effective web applications. Summary details of each class are shown below.

A one day introductory seminar is available for managers and programmers who are new to the technology for developing Java applications.

Programmers with no Java experience should attend our Java Programming (5 day) class, where they will learn the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming languages as implemented by Java.

After completing this class, some experience is suggested, to reinforce the concepts learnt in the initial week. Further training can then be selected depending upon the intended workload, from the list below.

  •  Java and Databases (2 days), hands-on experience in writing Java software to work with relational databases. This class requires student access to a relational database in the classroom environment; Microsoft Access or Oracle is recommended but any relational database product with appropriate Java drivers may be used. Please contact us for further assistance in determining whether your database version can be used for training.
  •  JSP's and Servlets (2 days), hands-on experience in developing web based software using Java. The class requires access to a servlet enabled web server, such as Apache Tomcat. Assistance can be provided for configuring a classroom environment for this class - please contact us for further assistance.
  •  Java and XML (2 days), hands-on experience for Java programmers in developing XML based applications with Java.

The additional classes can be attended in any sequence. To book, or for urgent enquiries, please complete the form on our contact page by clicking here.









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