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Java Overview

Duration: 1 days Level: Basic

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Class Summary

This seminar style class is a technical overview of the Java programming language.

Who Should Attend

Programmers and managers who are about to begin using the Java programming language.


Some programming experience and a familiarity with the Internet is useful but not essential


  • Java overview : Java's origins and history, Key Java elements and features, The Sun Java Developer Kit, Application and applet differences, Java's potential for Internet software.

  • Object Orientation : Objects and Classes, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Packages.

  • Java Software Types : Applications, applets, servlets, JSPs, Enterprise Java Beans.

  • Data Structures : Primitives, Arrays, Vectors, Bitset, Stack, Hashtable.

  • Graphical Principles : AWT and SWING, Example application, Containers and atomic components, Layout management, Event Handling model.

  • Techniques : File I/O, Streams classes, Database I/O, JDBC and SQLJ, Multi-threading, Internationalisation, Networking.

Sample notes

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